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Eros -
the creative urge
of ever-flowing nature.

Sanctuary -
a sacred and
inviolable asylum,
a place of refuge.




Neal WeckerWelcome to
Eros Sanctuary

The Eros Sanctuary is a multi-focused erotic education practice/center. The primary offerings are my services as a Sex coach, Sexological Bodyworker, and Sacred Intimate. In addition I offer a variety of classes, healing circles, rituals, and workshops promoting practical theory and practices of conscious erotic embodiment. Open to all orientations and levels of experience, the Eros Sanctuary is committed to a vision of a spiritually rich, emotionally balanced, and physically healthy sex-positive culture.

The Eros Sanctuary is a place to ground. It is a place to find support to think well of yourself as an erotic sexual being. It is a place to take refuge from the many mixed and often negative cultural messages concerning sexuality. It is a place to come home to yourself, commit to, and find the meaning, wisdom and the healing pleasure of your experience as a sensual, spiritual, human being.

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The Eros Sanctuary is a place and service to help you learn, enrich, and explore your fullest erotic embodiment and expressive capacity. Through a variety of offerings and processes you will gain insight and practical skills regarding the power and value of establishing for Rodin Sculptureyourself a path towards living your erotic energy as a basic vitalizing life force. This supportive path towards a deeper and richer connection to your sexuality as a vital aspect of your wholeness is encouraged as a practice, and honored as such with reverence, commitment, and awe. By committing to an erotic practice you will begin an experiential path towards useful self- discovered knowledge about yourself and your connection to the larger world. Too often this basic experience of honoring and exploring our erotic energy as a potential ally in our quests for meaning, health, and pleasure is clouded or rendered impotent by negative external and/or internal messages regarding the value, morality, lack of information, discouraging past experiences, or an association with patriarchal and capitalistic sexual exploitation. And for many, the erotic self is simply neglected amidst the challenges of modern day-to-day life. The Eros Sanctuary is a place to find support, information, and inspiration to think well of yourself as a healthy and whole erotic being, one that you, your intimate others, and the greater culture can affirm, cherish, and value dearly.

Welcome, and may your journey and search for depth, joy, and healing be rich with the support and clarity you deserve.

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