“It is clearly the job of this post-liberation generation to discover/create a new ethical structure for sex, one that reintegrates sex into the total fabric of life, with an awareness of what a wellspring of creative energy our sexuality truly is.”

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Neal Wecker

"You teach what you most want to learn." My path as an erotic educator and sacred intimate began in 1998 when I attended my first Body Electric workshop, Celebrating the Body Erotic. By the end of that retreat I knew my lifelong yearning for a spiritual experience of embodiment had been met. In a ritual that contained an erotic massage at its core, I was guided into an altered embodied state and experienced profound emotional releases and ecstatic highs of healing pleasure. On the massage table that afternoon I felt myself as a clear spark of expressive energy alive and well in the larger pulse of universal erotic energy, the same energy that animates and defines the very nature of life. Immediately thereafter I saw the potential for learning to access my erotic energy as a tool, as a conscious practice towards learning and clarifying truths about myself and about forces and realities larger than me. Since then I have committed myself to learning more about the many practical values of such a grounding and transcendent experiences. In 2008 I began Eros Sanctuary to offer both private coaching and workshops as a sex positive educator in the US and in Europe.

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Prior to attending my first life changing Body Electric workshop I studied philosophy, music, and meditation in the States, Europe, and Asia and spent many years engaged as a political activist, an organic farmer, and a parent. During those years I also began to earnestly consider how I was living and not living my fullest erotic potential for the meaningful self-development and pleasure I desired and deserved. It was clear to me that I lacked a supportive education regarding sexuality and/or erotic energy as a youth, but also as an adult I was drastically missing the support I needed to think and to act clearly for myself amidst the ubiquitous chatter of patriarchal religious morality, mainstream hetero normative culture, and profit-driven pornographers; all of who I felt were actively competing for control (by wanting to influence) my sexual identity, expression, and ultimately my erotic confidence.

As my first Body Electric workshop opened me to something new and exciting, my second BE workshop with the tantra teacher Rudy Ballentine opened me to trusting and beginning to live my life’s erotic energy as experiences of transformation and empowering personal self-growth. The tantric ideal of the inner marriage of the masculine and feminine energies within an individual became for me a pragmatic structure of inquiry and practice.  I embraced a path of exploration and discovery. I began practicing how to use my outward erotic expression to illuminate my inner world and how to explore and express my inner world to inspire outer meaningful experiences of expansive living. Honoring, trusting, and shamelessly revering my erotic potential became for me a life enhancing practice, a practice of body, mind, emotions, and spiritual integrated conscious living. By celebrating and enthusiastically learning to live my erotic potential less and less limited by the influences of the dominant sex negative culture I began feeling more and more deeply connected to the richness of my life’s potential and divine nature.

I soon began assisting in tantra workshops as a Sacred Intimate in service of supporting others on their learning journeys as well. In 2008 I completed a Sacred Intimate training. In 2009 I completed a Sexological Bodyworker Certification training in California, and in 2010 I assisted in an international Sexological Bodyworker Cerification training in Switzerland.  I participate as well in many dance, yoga, sexuality, and other conscious living workshops and retreats.

In 2009 I began Eros Sanctuary to organize and promote my sex positive sexuality and intimacy education services.  My consistent personal and professional message is to encourage people to embrace their erotic life, their erotic/sexual potential, as a life affirming individual expressive practice able to effectively support their quests and longings to discover, maintain, and utilize the potent physical, emotional, and spiritual healing value of embodied sex positive living.

In 2011 I began teaching regularly at the International Institute for Sexological Bodywork in Zurich, Switzerland.  In 2012 I began offering courses at the Bliss Center for Intimacy Budapest, Hungary. When I am not traveling abroad I also offer classes, retreats, and see private clients as a sex coach, sexological bodyworker, and sacred intimate from my home base in Ithaca, New York.

I am also a founding member of the expressive movement/dance collective, The Academy of Muses. I love to travel by bicycle; dance; practice yoga; garden; cook; and learn. I value and honor dearly my many experience of embodiment. I cherish erotic pleasure, especially as a path of self-expression; emotional/spiritual insights; exploration of altered states; physical health; humility, and joy.

For further information, please call 607-342-1601 or send an email to: nealwecker@erossanctuary.com.

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