"When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bounds: Your mind transcends limitations, you consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.

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Neal WeckerWhat I Believe

My sexual/erotic journey has led me to a deep appreciation of the power and richness of embodiment, of exploring my physical reality and the spirit that enlivens it. Erotic energy, the primal effervescent energy of sexual arousal, has become for me both a cherished ally and a respected teacher. I believe that by embracing our erotic lives and learning to deeply value, respect, and consciously explore the rise and presence of erotic energy in our body/ being reality, we can ground ourselves in the deep truth of the spirit-in-form dance, and realize the vibrancy of lives rich with ecstatic exuberance, self generated empowerment, and a nourishing equanimity of being. With an expanded validation of the power of sexuality in our lives, visionary realistic intentions, and the necessary skills of inward attention as a starting point for exploring outward expression, we can learn to use our erotic energy towards higher visions and expressions of personal and communal vitality and well- being.

I believe that we need our sexual lives to be of community concern. We need to come out as sexual, pleasure-loving, conscious beings if we are to grow beyond the harmful confines of a fear-based puritanical and patriarchal legacy. We must learn to respect, honor, and explore our sexual reality with the utmost reverence and love: love of our embodied reality, love of the sacred energy that enlivens our physical form, and love for the mystery that we simply are part of as expressions and truths of life. This is at the heart of my intention as a Sacred Intimate and somatic sex educator. With that intention I warmly invite you to take part in the many offerings and services of the Eros Sanctuary.


(Ten points towards progressive adult sex education)

  1. The most basic and learnable skill to deepen your experience of sex is the skill of being able to place your attention on your body's experiences in the present moment.
  2. Sex education, as an effective embodied (somatic) learning process, is best embraced as a practice; self directed; and a process of learning over time.
  3. There are many ways of experiencing our erotic potential. The most common, and most socially condoned, is through partner engagement. Another is erotic trance (going into a meditative-like state during sexual arousal). Erotic trance is a state of being. This state, when embraced, valued, and respected, offers many rich learning opportunities. In erotic trance we can learn about ourselves, our physical, emotional, and spiritual reality, and about the nature and quality of energy within us. What we learn in erotic trance, if desired, can be brought to our partner-engagement-sex as a way of enhancing/deepening the learning and pleasure you desire. A qualified erotic bodyworker or knowledgeable sexual partner can help assist you into a state of erotic trance.
  4. Masturbation (self pleasuring), seen as a core ritual over the span of our lives and embraced as a mindful practice, can be an empowering path of deep learning.
  5. Everyone has a dance inside of them when they are experiencing/expressing their erotic energy. Knowing intimately and being able to consciously deepen this dance can be richly rewarding, and if desired, fun to share.
  6. The need for 'trust ' is paramount to feel safe, open, confident, and supportive of a commitment to learning. How do we, however, distinguish between our perception of what is safe and worthy of trust and what is clouded by internalized shame and embarrassment. Like so much else, knowing our emotional selves and personal boundaries is a learning process worthy of due attention.
  7. Sex can connect us deeply to ourselves, to others, to the universe.
  8. In general, popular culture promotes a narrow portrayal of sexuality. It regularly condones the objectification of others and encourages an externalization of our attention. As such, sex becomes something that we 'perform' rather than 'experience'. We 'experience' sex by placing our attention in the present moment and allowing our individual, authentic, and evolving sexual journey to be expressed. This state of being can be experienced and expressed either alone or in a process of engaging with others. It is our responsibility to expand and find the value and meaning we desire and deserve.
  9. Our lives are precious. There is so much to learn.
  10. Sex is good. Pleasure is healing.

For further information, please call 607-342-1601 or send an email to: nealwecker@erossanctuary.com.

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