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In the patriarchal system, sexual union and spiritual communion are seen as incompatible modes....As we enter the emergent Age, where such constructs of opposites will have less power, the new test of spiritual sincerity and maturity will be, not celibacy, but the capacity to discern Spirit within the sexual sphere.

Genia Pauli Haddon,
Uniting Sex Self and Spirit



Neal WeckerSexological Bodywork

Sexological Bodywork is a somatic learning modality. It is a body-centered body-affirming intimate service. Sexological Bodywork sessions are learning experiences that help you learn about your physical, emotional, and spiritual life. Sexological Bodywork helps you learn how to be fully in your body's experiences, and to learn from it what may be not accessible to your thinking mind. Life experiences, the pleasures and the pains lived or perhaps not yet lived, are experiences of the body, and it is to the body that we can, and perhaps must, look to and learn from, when striving for optimum holistic health and well- being.


Sexological Bodywork is best practiced as a series of sessions. The first session will be support to determine and clarify your learning objective(s). What would you like to learn from a conscious experience of embodiment, of deeply being in your body? Subsequent sessions will employ a variety of body centered practice modalities designed to best support your self directed learning. There will also be home practice suggestions and assignments. The specialty of Sexological Bodywork is erotic bodywork, one way conscious touch. It is my belief that by raising erotic energy with a conscious intention, in a trust-worthy setting, and without the complexities of romantic attraction; habitual sexual patterns; the distractions of fantasies; and sex-negative messages (that can create or reinforce shame and guilt), you can learn from your bodies' experiences such useful information as:

  • the healing power and gift of pleasure
  • a clear awareness and affirmation of your deepest and authentic expression of aliveness
  • a clear understanding of personal values regarding the place and power that sensuality and sexuality have, and can play in your life
  • where and what healing work may need attention to increase your capacity to receiving pleasure
  • a deep integration of mind, body, and spirit
  • learning to live a deeper experience of embodiment and how that can be expressed and enrich your everyday life
  • what the most basic experience of being spirit-in-form is and means to you

Working with the breath; discouraging of ejaculation for men in order to learn other dynamic uses, values, and savoring of erotic energy; encouragement to stay acutely aware of the emotions and sensations in and from the body and coaching to move raised energy throughout the entire body are just a few of the embodied learning practices of Sexological Bodywork.

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