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Who doesn't need support concerning the vast realm of sexuality? Sex coaching helps clarify for yourself what you need in order to create, experience, and maintain the level of pleasure, healing, and meaning you deserve regarding your erotic/sexual life. Offered either as in-person sessions, or over the phone, my intention is to help you discover what you need to live the confidence, knowledge, and clarity necessary for your forward sex- positive growth.

In life there are many possible personal and cultural issues that can cloud clarity regarding our sexual values, desires, and experiences. Examples of a few common issues are:

  • the impact of difficult or unfulfilling past sexual experiences
  • the inability to place your full full attention on your physical experience in the present moment
  • the presence and power of shame, embarrassment and guilt in our lives
  • the possible complexities of orientation and gender issues
  • the role and power of fantasies
  • desires that may be considered taboos
  • a clear expression and experience of erotic confidence
  • health issues
  • the legacy of puritan and patriarchal domination
  • lack of family and community affirmation and support
  • some spiritual traditions' perspective on sex

These are a few common issues that are often intrusive, and/or at times overwhelming for many and that make our sexual journeys more challenging than they need be. Sensitive and sex-positive coaching helps point the way to enriching sexual pleasure, fulfillment, and satisfaction you deserve.

Whether you identify as someone unsatisfied and looking for what you don't have or want, or as someone looking to take their fulfilling joy of the erotic to the next level, sex coaching can be of great help for you.

Sex Coaching may also be preliminary work to explore the possible somatic/in the body work of Sexological Bodywork and/or of the richness of Sacred Intimacy.

I work with individuals and couples of all genders and orientations.

For further information, please call 607-342-1601 or send an email to:

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