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In the patriarchal system, sexual union and spiritual communion are seen as incompatible modes....As we enter the emergent Age, where such constructs of opposites will have less power, the new test of spiritual sincerity and maturity will be, not celibacy, but the capacity to discern Spirit within the sexual sphere.

Genia Pauli Haddon,
Uniting Sex Self and Spirit

Individual Sessions

The educational mission of the Eros Sanctuary is somatic sex education. Somatic sex education teaches how to feel alive in your body. It teaches how to access the joy and meaningfulness of your sexual journey and desires. Somatic sex education teaches the healing potential of pleasure. It teaches how to learn and how to feel expressed, empowered, and capable of living keenly your life-enriching erotic nature.

Somatic sex education is a journey and celebration. It is a path of reclaiming your wholeness, of reclaiming the joy and rightness of living fully and productively in your body, charged and enlivened with spirit. Somatic sex education services offered by the Eros Sanctuary help you to live a creative, empowered, confident, joyfully expressed life; a life rich with the sensuality, intimacy, prosperity, and the meaning you desire through a conscious path of affirming and experiencing your erotic/sexual life force.

I work with specific sensitivities regarding gender and orientation. Please contact me to discuss how I can best assist you for your deepest learning.


Standard private session fees:

US talk Sex Coaching: $75hr.

US Sexological Bodywork: $150hr.

US Sacred Intimate sessions: $200hr.

European fees are set by current rates in the various countries I work. Please contact me to talk about your country and my rates there.

A lower fee can be negotiated for a series of 3 or more sessions. Fees for multi day private retreats are negotiable.

For further information please email:

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