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In the patriarchal system, sexual union and spiritual communion are seen as incompatible modes....As we enter the Emergent Age, where such constructs of opposites will have less power, the new test of spiritual sincerity and maturity will be, not celibacy, but the capacity to discern Spirit within the sexual sphere.

Genia Pauli Haddon,
Uniting Sex Self and Spirit



Neal WeckerSacred Intimacy

Guiding me as a Sacred Intimate is my deep faith and trust in the transformative power of actions in the pursuit of truth, depth, and conscious living: actions in the service of spiritual, emotional and physical well being. Sacred Intimacy sessions free the sacred from where it is aloof and distant, and brings it into your precious, embodied and intimate life where it can flourish, sustain, and enrich you. By embracing with love and respect the intimate nature of your embodied life, as a Sacred Intimate I will support you to realize, explore, and commit to your life as a sacred journey to be loved, learned about, and nurtured as an authentic and affirming expression of the divinity of life. Sacred Intimate sessions with me are sacred gestures, gestures of healing reverence, gifts offered in the service of useful loving intimate support.

Sessions with me will always call upon ritual and clear intentions to establish the sanctity of space and time spent together. Your inquiries, your desires, your longings, will become the direction and heart of a session's dynamic and pragmatic nature. With words, bodies, guided meditations, music, symbols, breath, intuition, expressive movement, and with much much more, your sincere journey and seeking will be honored, explored, and deepened.

Sacred Intimate sessions honor and work with what is real and what is mysterious. In a session we will begin with what is, and move with loving support towards potential. There is no script for what a session looks like. I work with any gender or orientation. I work with individuals or with couples. I usually work from my studio/ritual space, but given the dynamic and person specific nature of SI work and intention, a session can be of any length and any place: anything in the service of supporting your learning goals and potential.

Sacred Intimate work can be an immense experience of profound learning and potent transformation. My own experiences of using the services of Sacred Intimates are milestones on my journey of exploration and discovery. Through insights and experiences learned from Sacred Intimates sessions I have learned many vital, valuable, and illuminating truths about myself and about the nature of life that I feel so reverent and appreciative of.

Our lives are precious, and when deeply noticed, sacred. Our personal life journey, as a conscious embodiment of the divinity of the life-in-form that we so briefly and preciously are, is a unique opportunity to play with and to connect intimately with the sacred. Please contact me to discuss how I can best help you live an expressive experience of the sanctity and richness of embodied life.

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